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 O.E.M Exact Match Solid Paint Colour For Your Car?

Looking at the paint chip above that the paint surface has a flat textured texture look with no sparkle. In the sun especially this can be seen clearly, with all the different light shades minimally changing the appearance of the colour. For example, in direct sunlight, the colour may look bright and over in the shade it appears similarly in colour without significant change.



Plastic PrimerThis is an essential paint layer when repairing paint scratches that have completely been removed from plastic parts such as your bumper bar. The plastic primer is formulated for a clear one-coat thin application, giving the perfect paint build when repairing or refinishing a plastic part like bumper bars. The general rule of thumb is that if permanent repairs are required then an adhesion promoter is a must. Note: Failing to apply the adhesion promoter will surely eventually lead to paint repair failure in the long term decreasing the value of your car and other poorly repaired items.

Metal Primer – Also known as the electrostatic coating the manufacturer applies before painting. This surface is a durable solution that protects, coats and seals the entire metal car body completing the finishing of top coat colour layers for metallic paint.

Colour Paint – The non-metallic single-stage Solid Paint Color that is seen on your car is not only designed to protect the car body but also to make the appearance look appealing to prospective owners.

Notes: Some manufacturers like Hyundai and alike use a metallic paint set-up on a non-metallic paint base coat system for some of their models. What this means is that you have a non-metallic solid paint that is applied exactly the same way a metallic paint is. So when doing touch-ups a metallic user repair guide will be required for the non-metallic basecoat system.

This final clear paint layer plays a very important part in the finishing of paint layers on your car. This Clear Solution Gives your car’s paint the final look, which is a high glossy appearance that gives metallic paints a great depth and a bright look. Some often say the toffee look. This layer of paint solution has a very important role in preserving the paint colour.


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Non Metallic Paint is non a porous high gloss paint finishing surface product used on cars all around the world. Always receive exactly matched colours & great repair finishes when using Car touch-up paint user products & Guides!


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Color Match Guarantee

You can now add the aerosol spray paint gun to your paint kit making it the first of its kind, you now get the true all-in-one touch-up paint tool for repairing most paint surface substrates, which features the fine tip pen for stone chips with a brush built into the cap for scratches and the option for spraying your paint conveniently.

Automotive Touchup Paint sends the original perfectly matched auto colour from a global paint company that manufactures the car paint of Mercedes-Benz, Mini, BMW, Peugeot, Toyota, GM Holden, ISUZU, LDV, HAVAL, and other classic popular brands. (Axalta Group of Companies) the company is Globally renowned. Read more here for the custom color-matching Guarantee